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Electropac's engineers have over 30 years of experience in the field of micro-electronics.


When it comes to electronics, there can be a vast array of components that can be made up of different types of materials – and with that comes a high degree of variance in cost and consequently, quality.  When it comes to delivering a sound and reliable solution, Electropac already have a well established and reliable electronic component supply chain. 

Below are some of our market ready and patented technologies that have been adapted to the packaging medium.


Voice. Music. Rock N' Roll.

Electropac introduces Sound Technology for Packaging. Our electronic and sound engineers work together to custom program your sound for packaging. Voice Recording Function also available.


All of the Lights. With just a few LEDs.

Electropac introduces Fiber Optic Light Technology for Packaging. Our designers and technologists work together to create stunning and electrifying works of art for packaging.


Amazing light effects - Made simple.

Electropac introduces Light Reveal Technology for Packaging.  Using a combination of SMD LEDs and clever programming by Electropac's engineers, it is now possible to have images or text reveal out of nowhere - at a press of a button.


Swing. Rotate. Spin. Clock.

Using Electropac's specially designed and patented gearbox's, bring packaging to life and literally make it move.  Old Fashioned Clock Modules also available.

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