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Electropac fuses the following technologies to packaging: 


Integrate music, songs, and even speech into packaging material. With various types of speakers and activation methods to choose from, Electropac can enable packaging to literally ‘tell a story’ with a simple button or by simply opening up the packaging material. 


Embed low-cost LEDs and electropac’s patented lighting effects into packaging. With sight being the most powerful of our senses, Electropac can empower packaging to stand out from a crowded marketplace. 


Make packaging come to life by integrating Electropac’s patented ‘motion-in-blister’ gearboxes, which will allow almost anything to shake, vibrate and rotate. 

Video & Photo

By embedding thin Liquid Crystal Display (LCD’s) into paper / carton, Electropac’s LCD technology can turn any packaging into a video player or a digital photo-frame viewer.  With various screen sizes and memory options to choose from, Electropac’s engineering team can help clients to bring a new medium to packaging material.

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