Lights, Sound, Action! Packaging comes to life with unique and innovative electronic solutions that produce light, sound and other amazing effects. By fusing both electronics and packaging, Electropac is leading the world into a new era of design and packaging. 

OEM / ODM Business

Work with our in-house designers and engineers to produce your own innovative packaging or choose from our turn-key off the shelf solutions.

Decades of Experience

With over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, our engineers and designers are constantly developing new innovation.

Value Engineering

We make a commitment to work with our clients on their ideas to provide an end solution with optimised cost and quality.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Living in the 21st Century, the environment and working practises with social and corporate responsibility are a concern to all and Electropac take an active role in implementing Green and Code of Conduct polices.  

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